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11 March 2008

SXSW Day 5

SXSW 2008Day 5 was a tremendous wrapup to a long week. Great panels with very helpful content and cutting edge stuff to look into for future versions of the stuff we're doing back home.

Panels today:

  • Crunching & Streaming: Online video distribution challenge and opportunity (Various)
  • Following the lifecycle of an idea (Various)
  • Keynote Address (Jane McGonigal of Avant Games)
  • Creative Collaboration: Building web apps together (Various)
  • Quarterlife: A wild journey from internet to TV (Marshall Herskovitz)

Great Takeaways from Today:

  • Principles of Happiness: 1) Satisfying work to do 2) Doing something you're good at 3) Time spent with people you like 4) Chance to be part of something bigger. Jane McGonigal
  • Why gaming can be more desirable than real life: 1) Better instructions than in life 2) Better feedback than in life 3) Better community than in life. Jane McGonigal

Excitement for the day:

  • Ran into Guy Kawasaki in a hallway. He was sitting for a short interview so I waited and then said hi. I think he remembered me...
  • Jane McGonigal somehow managed to work the Soulja Boy dance into her talk (actually demonstrating after Q&A). I thought it was the most real and brilliant Keynote Address of SXSW 08.

Tonight's meal: