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19 March 2008

Getting the 'Word' in Edgewise

A little self-disclosure is good for the soul...

I don't know how many hours you have in your day, but I only have 24, and most of the time it seems like I have 36 hours worth of stuff to get done.

So what do you do? Sadly, I tend to fill up these hours with the stuff that creates the most noise. And have you noticed that everything in your life makes noise? Everything that is except for your spiritual life...

It's true. God isn't up in our face. He can be found in the Bible, at church, in the world around us and through prayer. But we must be intentional to do these things. In fact, if it weren't for that still small voice, we might forget He's even there.

I'm sure we all struggle with this, but I wonder if those in the technology field are more at risk. We have desktops, laptops, PDAs and smart phones allowing us to email, IM, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Flickr, and YouTube. Not just at work, but at home, on the road, while waiting in lines and just about anywhere we can get a strong signal.

So here's a thought. What if God plugged in? What if He started lighting up our Inbox, joined Facebook, twittered His status, pownced us clips from the Bible, blogged His will for our lives or uploaded pictures of heaven to Flickr and videos of Bible heroes to YouTube? Better yet, what if He created an aggregated RSS feed of it all that we could subscribe to in Bloglines or Google Reader? Would that do it for us? Would that help us take steps in our spiritual lives?

Sadly, I'm not sure if it would change a thing. The truth is, we put time and energy into the things that matter the most to us. So it all comes back to the heart. If the heart isn't in it, God could walk right up to us and we'd probably miss Him.

So there it is. I threw it out there. If you're like me you're still figuring out how to get the 'Word' in edgewise...