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09 March 2008

SXSW Day 3

SXSW 2008Day 3 was more of the same. Great panels, funny moments and hard hitting presentations bleeding from the cutting edge of the technology people are using today.

Panels today:

  • Everyone's a Design Critic (Various)
  • Everything I know About Accessibility I Learned From Star Wars (Featherstone)
  • Keynote Address: Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
  • The 10 Commandments of Nice (Preloaded Team)
  • Harness the Power of Social Networking in Your Intranet (Cava)

Great Takeaways from Today:

  • Top 5 Client Requests: 1) My unqualified friend has different ideas 2) Purple is my favorite color. Why don't you use that? 3) We need more stuff above the 'fold' 4) There's so much empty space. Can't you fill it? 5) Can't you make the logo bigger? (Everyone's a Design Critic)
  • Technical marvels (like the Deathstar) can often fall apart due to one minor glitch in the system (Featherstone)
  • 7 principles of user interface design: clarity, feedback, affordance, simplicity, structure, consistency and tolerance (Preloaded)

Excitement for the day:

  • Derek Featherstone dressed up in a Jedi cloak for his entire presentation and made lightsaber sounds just by moving his MacBookPro around.
  • The woman interviewing Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Sarah Lacy of Business Week and apparently Mark's personal reporter...) was so chastised by the audience for her poor interviewing skills that it was shocking she didn't break down and leave. At one point Mark explained that he would answer her if she'd only ask him a question. To which the entire audience broke out in applause akin to a standing ovation...

Tonight's meal:

  • Antonio's Tex Mex Perhaps some of the best Mexican food I've ever had (chipotle enchiladas).

Tonight's Entertainment:

  • Jumper (3 stars) Good initial concept that was developed well throughout the movie. Scenario set for future movies. Seemed a bit short though.