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22 December 2006

The Pre-Christmas Push

As Christmas approaches, you can't help but feel the pressure. Yes there are the gifts to buy, the presents to wrap and the cookies to make. But don't forget the completion of web projects, data transfer and product uploads!

Yes, there is a lot going on in the Communications Department. Here are a few of the big things we've rolled out in the past month:

Here are some of the big projects we're just finishing or still working on:

  • New store! "2.0" is almost ready to make it's appearance.
  • Can't talk about this one...
  • Better user experience when using the Web Link functionality for online transactions like registering for events and giving online.
  • Can't really talk about this one either...
  • Upgrading hardware, software and systems to support an improved media presentation on the web (from media player to on-demand version of last weeks service). Transitioning from standard video presentation to streaming video for all clips (even the short ones).
  • Along with a myriad of small adjustments to our current pages.

Just so you don't think we sit around and blog all day!