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15 August 2007

Unfortunate Reliance

This week I faced the unfortunate reality that I am hopelessly chained to (reliant on) technology at my current job. Literally everything I do is either done on the computer or done so that others can use their computers to do something. Even the meetings I attend are to discuss how to make things happen on our websites via computers.

So when the computer stops working - you stop working.

This week I ran into two serious glitches that held up productivity while I (and IT personnel) attempted to correct the problem.

  1. Windows Vista decided it didn't like an installed printer so it began shutting down the print spooler automatically. Now I can't delete the printer in question and the spooler keeps restarting and shutting down every few minutes. Very annoying and as of yet - no solution...
  2. My computer decided it didn't like the latest version of iTunes + QuickTime so it hangs every time I try to update it and now my library is blank. Solution: I had to uninstall QuickTime and reinstall a stand alone version. Things seem to be working now.

Countless hours of searching for solutions and trying things that don't work can really get in the way of a typical weekly task list.

I think I've settled on this disturbing fact: I hate the technology I love.

10 August 2007

Out of Office Replies

Do you use the "Out of Office Reply" feature in Outlook (or other email clients)? My wife always does but I am not totally sold - possibly because I get so many of them in my Inbox and have to heat up my delete key to get rid of them...

I guess my current stance is this:

  • If I'm gone for less than a week and will be checking email then no...
  • If I'm gone for a family vacation where I won't be checking email then yes...

But that isn't really the point of this post. What I really wanted you to see is this:

Have fun!

09 August 2007

Time Away to Refuel

We all need to get away and rest. It can be date night with your spouse, a long weekend away or the traditional family vacation. But it needs to happen on a regular basis to keep the engine charged.

For the past two years we have also joined with friends for a group vacation to the Wisconsin Dells. Last year it was the Kalahari Resort and this year it was the Wilderness Resort.

Four days of waterpark fun. The kids (ages 5 months to 7 years) had every size slide/pool to play in/on and the adults were even challenged to do some slides that push the envelope of sanity.

It was a great time to strengthen relationships, watch kids laugh and push themselves and prepare for the next run of ministry.

When we get back to work we'll attend the 2007 Leadership Summit and then get back to the task lists on Monday.

Life is good...