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15 August 2007

Unfortunate Reliance

This week I faced the unfortunate reality that I am hopelessly chained to (reliant on) technology at my current job. Literally everything I do is either done on the computer or done so that others can use their computers to do something. Even the meetings I attend are to discuss how to make things happen on our websites via computers.

So when the computer stops working - you stop working.

This week I ran into two serious glitches that held up productivity while I (and IT personnel) attempted to correct the problem.

  1. Windows Vista decided it didn't like an installed printer so it began shutting down the print spooler automatically. Now I can't delete the printer in question and the spooler keeps restarting and shutting down every few minutes. Very annoying and as of yet - no solution...
  2. My computer decided it didn't like the latest version of iTunes + QuickTime so it hangs every time I try to update it and now my library is blank. Solution: I had to uninstall QuickTime and reinstall a stand alone version. Things seem to be working now.

Countless hours of searching for solutions and trying things that don't work can really get in the way of a typical weekly task list.

I think I've settled on this disturbing fact: I hate the technology I love.