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06 September 2007

HDTV Arrives

Well, it finally happened. Last week we made the jump to an HDTV after our 36" CRT had an untimely meltdown. We had planned on keeping it until 2009 when analog goes bye bye, and HD content is more readily available, but the crisis pushed us into the HD market early.

However, my wife will tell you I wasn't heartbroken over the prospect of being able to watch LOST in HD.

Here is what I'm looking forward to:

  • Standard (widescreen) DVDs played through an upconvert DVD player: I'll tell you right now 300 and the Lord of the Rings series look incredible
  • Local stations in HD: Yes that means LOST, 24 and possibly the Bionic Woman this year...
  • Sports: I want to see a football and a puck in HD!
  • DiscoveryHD: I would watch the mating habits of the African Tree Frog on DiscoveryHD...
  • Last Week's Service: The TV has a PC input so I will be able to connect the laptop and watch last weeks message on the big screen

It feels a little like the "bleeding edge of technology" when you watch the standard definition channels on an HDTV but I just have to tell myself that more good stuff is on the way...

Now I just need an HD video camera so I can capture and watch the kids doing kid stuff in HD. Anyone want to donate one?