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13 September 2007

MinistryCOM | Day 1

Yesterday we left Indiana and headed for MinistryCOM in Nashville, TN. The five of us "grangerites" get to spend some quality time team building and learning more about the doing communications for a higher purpose. The conference was hosted at The Peoples Church and here is a simple wrap up from Day 1:

Terry Storch (main session): Good as always. Discussed the history of communication from printing press through radio through TV and finally to the Internet. He spoke about our "responsibility" to reach others with the technological tools we have and that with the exponential growth in population there is no better time to take the gospel to the entire world.

Curt Cavnar (breakout: video boot camp): Great summary of techniques, tools and basic composition layout for digital photographers and videographers. I can't wait to get home and try some of the stuff out on our Nikon D40x...

Karen Smith (breakout: project management): Great summary on the use of project management skills in a communications department. Very practical. Good delivery with humorous yet pointed information. She definitely knows her stuff.

Brad Abare (main session): Good way to wrap up the day. Brad questioned what we would do if technology were to disappear. He challenged us to be salty, be transparent, be local and to live with less. Always good to hear.

Dinner: Genghis Grill (when are they coming to the Michiana area?)

Can't wait for tomorrow. Shawn and Kem are up on the main stage and there are three more breakouts. I'll let you know how it turns out...