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06 March 2008

Something New

Jing ProjectIn a recent post (Reading Between the Lines) I talked about the Jing Project and how we'd soon be adding it to when appropriate.

Well, I finally got around to adding the first one - a two minute, fast-paced, how-to on setting up online giving. Hopefully it compliments the PDF process document that we already had out there. Go here and click on the 'How To (Video)' button in the right hand sidebar.

Pros: Video, quick and easy, short and to the point, visual rather than cerebral, free.

Cons: Only export option is a flash movie file (.swf). I'd love to have the ability to spit it out in a variety of formats including Flash Video (.flv). Would also like to be able to control audio better. The audio in our example is pretty low - so you'll have to crank up the volume. And finally - the embed code is fairly specific so if you're adding the .swf to a basic html page you'll need to make some small changes (specifically the 'allowScriptAccess' parameter).

Still to be determined: Life-expectancy of these videos and where else they might come in handy.

It's Jing-alicious...