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10 March 2008

SXSW Day 4

SXSW 2008Day 4 was less than tremendous - there just wasn't anything that jumped out and grabbed me. I mean I learned stuff and thought there were good panels - just not like the past few days.

Panels today:

  • Lost in Translation (Various)
  • Social Networking and Your Brand (Various)
  • Keynote Address (Frank Warren of
  • Taking it to the Desktop (Lee Brimelow for Adobe AIR)
  • WaSP Annual Meeting: Don't break the web (Various)

Great Takeaways from Today:

  • Sometimes when we think we're keeping a secret - it's really keeping us. Frank Warren
  • Social Networking and other Web 2.0 applications appear to be fueling an 'intimacy revolution' or an 'authenticity revolution.' Audience member
  • Sorry...that's as good as I found from my notes today.

Excitement for the day:

  • Rain. Rain. More rain.
  • Found a new type of coffee: Kick Butt Coffee (a one store shop that intends on becoming as big as Starbucks)

Tonight's meal:

  • T.G.I. Friday's: Pretty mundane I know. But we weren't there for the food. Got to hang out with a great bunch of fellow web/tech guys. They make up a group called the Godbit Project. Had a good time networking and chatting about technology stuff with like minded people. Had a great time and will join soon.