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28 April 2010

Universal Impact (If it's True)

So apparently Noah's Ark was found in Turkey.

This according to The Sun (Noah's Ark Found in Turkey, published April 27, 2010).

Now I'm fairly skeptical and waiting for the official report that the article is a hoax. Partly due to the fact that no other reputable news agency has ran this story and partly due to the fact that The Sun's home page looks like the home page for the National Inquirer...

But it did catch my interest and made me read the story.

Think about this: What would it mean for the world if the actual Ark was found?

Is this something God would allow? Would He let physical evidence on this level be found - and in essence make the Bible almost irrefutable?

Or would people in this life rationalize and science-ize it to death so that even a true find of this magnitude wouldn't make it to Prime Time News?

I just love to think of the possibilities. What if Noah's Ark was found? What if the Ark of the Covenant was found?

Would people start believing then? Or would we as a materialistic, consumer-driven and reality TV loving people not even blink? that's something to think about...

If this is truly Noah's Ark - how soon until the end of all things?