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04 May 2010

It's a Slow Decline. But it's a Decline...

There's just something in me that wants to root for the underdog. I'll find myself watching a sporting event where I could care less about either team. And yet, before long I'm hoping that the losing team will stage a comeback so it will be a good game.

So it's no surprise to me that I feel the same way about browsers.

For years it has been an Internet Explorer (IE) world. But not for long. As newer browsers emerge, IE has slowly been losing ground. According to this Engadget article, they have finally dipped below the 60% mark in terms of browser market shares.

Now this may not seem significant, but for a browser that had been in the 90% range for years, it IS a big deal.

And to bring it closer to home, here are the browser stats for for the month of April 2010:
  • IE: 44.78%
  • Safari: 24.75%
  • Firefox: 21.71%
  • Chrome: 5.33%
Not sure what this says about the visitors to our site - but our IE usage is about 15% less than the reported numbers!

In Summary
One important thing to note: I'm not just rooting for Firefox and Chrome because they are underdogs. This truly comes down to the philosophy behind the products: Standards compliance, use of the latest technologies (html5 and css3), speed and the ability to adapt quickly to the changing tech landscape.

Looks like good days are ahead!