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07 April 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

I have access to an iPod Touch for testing purposes since I own a Zune HD and need to see how development projects look on Apple platforms.

I don't typically use it that often, so when I went to the App Store to look for the new PayPal App I was greeted with an upgrade message like the following:

The Terms of Use have changed since your last purchase. Please review and accept them before proceeding.
Then I noticed this at the bottom of the screen: Read more: Page 1 of 92.

What?! 92 pages of legal mumbo jumbo in order to use a service?

Wow...I find it amazing that someone could actually come up with 92 pages of legaleze to begin with (granted - this was on the iPod - so there are probably fewer pages if viewed on a laptop).

And (for all of my Apple loving friends) I'm not saying this is specific to Apple - I'm sure I've seen the same thing when activating other software.

But seriously, I find it interesting that the Terms of Service or Terms of Use can actually be more detailed than the application or software we are using...

So do we do the same thing? When building websites do we have more help documents and "required for this website" requirements than we do web pages?

If so - I think we need to pull back and ask ourselves if we like visiting websites with 10 different requirements just to view their content.

Maybe it would change the way we design and develop...