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28 April 2010

Technology Suggests Connectivity

Think about it. Each new gadget does more and more - which means you are connected to more and more. Early phones allowed you to talk on the phone - which happened once or twice a day (unless you were a middle school girl). But today's devices allow you to monitor things like Twitter which update every few seconds.

So what does that mean for us as users? Well it probably depends on what type of person you are. I've decided there are two big (and messy) buckets that we fall into as Uber-device users:

The Type-A User
This user keeps up with everything. After all, it would be a sin to miss a tweet from a friend or fail to respond to an email within 24 hours. Tweets are monitored ongoing, the Indox is under 50 and Facebook is an App you're in more often than you're in the restroom... (By the way - the "A" stands for "Attempting to be responsible").

The Type-O User
You own the latest and greatest device(s) that can take pictures and video, surf the Net, social network and run Productivity Apps like email and a word processor. But you don't really care. In fact you check Twitter and Facebook once and a while - usually if you see others checking it. Your Inbox is at 200 because you look at the subject line when it comes in and fail to do anything with it at the time - or later. You don't respond to texts or emails but if you see someone in the hallway you magically start spitting out answers to questions that you remember reading in texts and emails... (By the way - the "O" stands for "Oblivious").

Of course a lot of this is driven by our personalities - so it can't be wrong...right?
The truth of the matter is:
Technology does NOT suggest connectivity. People are the filter through which connectivity happens or fails to happen.
Just talking out loud :)

Can you figure out which category I typically fall into?