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10 April 2008

While the Girls are Away...

My wife is spending the week in Cabo with a couple of her friends. I picked this picture since it seemed to come up on every keyword search for Cabo. Must be one of the main attractions there...

So I'm home with the three munchkins for spring break. This means I've 'almost' unplugged for the week...alright...not really. But I've been a lot less accessible. I try to keep up with the Inbox so it isn't a mile high when I get back, but this time it's been hard to even keep up with that. There's just something exhausting about three kids and a big house.

I can hear my wife laughing as I write this. Pretty sure she'd agree seeing how that's one of the main reason's she is in Cabo - to 'get away' from the chaos.

Aside from the basics of feeding, clothing and bathing kids, laundry, cleaning, re-organizing and a small home improvement project, we did the following:

  • Two days at Splash Universe in Shipshewana, IN: Small park, no 'real' swimming pool and lifeguards that took their jobs way too seriously...
  • Boys Night Out: Last night Jami came over to watch seven kids so the boys could go out. We ate at Outback and then since there was absolutely no movies worth seeing, returned to the house to get killed playing Halo 3 for a few hours (mainly because I play so poorly).
Summary: Fun week with the kids, but I'm very, very tired.