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13 April 2008

90% There

My previous post about The Franchise cap by Twins Enterprise focused on the level of excellence they display. But unfortunately I can't say the same for their website.

I assume this happens to many companies. You start small, work on your product and at some point you hit the big time. Your company takes off but all your energy is focused on the product and your sales figures. The website is an afterthought - something you need to have just so people can find you online.

The Problem
If I hadn't already purchased one of your hats, I probably wouldn't purchase one based on your website. The truth is people view your website the way they would a print piece, an ad in a magazine, a television commercial, a store display or even the tag that comes on the cap.

If you have a great product, you need a great website
It's worth the cost in the long run. You can look at it this way: Since you have a killer product already - you're 90% there!