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19 April 2008

Still Sprinting

SprintThere are so many cellphone companies to choose from these days. But as time goes on I get more comfortable with being a Sprint customer. I had Nextel for quite a while, but their lack of interest in exploring new and innovative phones led me to switch to their new partner (with no charge for early termination).

My first phone with Sprint was the Moto Q. Definitely a new and innovative phone, but with it's share of problems. In fact, I've determined that almost all the frustration I may have expressed toward Sprint was really misdirected. I should have been upset with Motorola. My Q had charging problems, restart problems, DST problems, USB connection problems, etc.

Customer Service
Each time I brought in my Q they did what they could to fix the problem - everything from replacing the battery, to upgrading firmware to doing hard resets with special codes provided by Motorola. But after three or four visits it was obvious that things weren't going to change. So they finally upgraded me to the Moto Q9c at no extra cost.

The Phone
It scares me a bit to talk highly about this phone until I've had it for a while. But I can say it is charging correctly and hasn't shown any sign of major problems yet. It has Windows Mobile 6 which upgrades the functionality quite a bit. It also has a Windows Update feature that will hopefully allow for regular software tweaks to take care of problems if they do arise.

The New Plans
The other thing I'm stoked about are the new Simply Everything Plans offered by Sprint. When you start using a smart phone, plans can get a little out of control when you start trying to take advantage of features like text, data and GPS. But with the Simply Everything plan I was able to pay $69.99 and get 450 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited data, GPS (Sprint Navigation) and even stuff I won't use like Sprint TV. Now that's innovative considering these phones were built to do it all.

I may have had doubts in the past, but I'm still Sprinting...