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13 April 2008

The Battle Always Is

This week the church website was 'hacked' and believe it or not it wasn't the first time. Not by the same people, but both of the attacks came from within China.

Of course there isn't anything wrong with China. I'm sure there are hackers in every major country. But it was just interesting that both attacks came from China...

The Effects
The site was down for more than 24 hours, an important backup was infected, pages disappeared and important database information was lost.

After clicking through the whole site we were able to get a snapshot of the damage done and an idea what it would take to put it back together again. Needless to say some things were fixed simply while others had to be recreated from the ground up.

People handle setbacks like these in different ways. Some get mad and want revenge while others put the Pollyanna smile on and just move forward. But I tend to take the spiritual warfare approach.

I believe that there is good and evil in the world. Yes, on the level of God and Satan. But also on a personal level. Each has the ability to do good or evil each day. And this is a perfect example:

  • Good: Our developers put in many hours of work to create our website. It is meant to help take the good news of the gospel to our attendees and to the world. They take the typical steps to ensure the site is hacker proof, but they don't waste time making it nuclear bomb proof. This because we assume people are intrinsically good. We hope for the best, and believe that the good in the world will outweigh the evil and things like this won't happen.
  • Evil: Apparently 'evil' people with 'evil' motives sit around looking for ways to exploit cracks in the armor of the 'good' people with 'good' motives. And when they find them, they damage and destroy the 'good' things the 'good' people have created.
Now I don't know if these hackers were specifically after us, or just infiltrating the hosting provider we use. But either way, the behavior is the same. It's using your skills to destroy rather than create - to do evil rather than good in the world.

The Conclusion

The Battle Always Is