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03 April 2008

Best Buy Conspiracy Theory

Story: I'm not a big conspiracy theorist, but yesterday I completely gave in to my paranoia.

I had ordered a new camcorder that was set to arrive on Wednesday. I had my trusty receipt and entered the store eager to get my hands on the new gadget.

40 minutes later I left the store with no gadget...

The explanation: We don't know what happened. It simply isn't here. But there is one at another store in the area that we can have transferred here for you.

I told them that was very nice, but it would just be easier for me to drive to the other store. To which they replied: Sorry, it's already in transit so it wouldn't be there when you arrived.

Conspiracy Theory: Since this is a fairly new camcorder that is flying off the shelves, I'm assuming a Best Buy employee saw my camera (already paid for by the way) and took it for themselves, a friend or a family member. And the thing that helped me draw this conclusion was the fact that someone had already re-routed one before I came in and asked for it!

Lesson learned:

  1. Get a job at Best Buy. Apparently you can steal things from others and not get in trouble.
  2. Purchase products from rather than a physical location (if you still trust them at all).

I may post about the camcorder if and when I actually get to take it home from the store :)