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04 March 2009

Keep Up Microsoft!

I downloaded a sweet new Twitter client the other day called Blu by thirteen23. I got ready to install it and saw that I needed .NET 3.5 before it would install correctly.

So I hit the button to download and install .NET 3.5 and in the process saw this interesting graphic warning.

Download complete. You can now disconnect from the Internet.
Now I understand what's at the heart of the message. If you really wanted to disconnect and complete the install offline, it's possible to do so. But in this day and age, the statement itself is almost comical.

"Do what?"

"Disconnect from the Internet?"

"Doesn't that mean certain death? Don't I slowly start fading away if I do that?"

I'm sure people still have dial up and this makes a bit more sense to them. But the world is more and more "connected" every day. We don't disconnect our computers. If I pull out my network cable, wireless takes over and I'm still "connected" - even if I'm sitting on my couch watching TV.

It's almost like saying, "You've just been saved. Feel free to disconnect from Jesus."

Just saying...get your head in the game Microsoft!