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03 March 2009

"I Don't Ever Wanna Believe"

I was listening to the latest album from the All American Rejects on the way home from lunch today and finally had a chance to listen to some of the words.

The song "Believe" came on, and all I could hear and focus on was this:

I don’t ever wanna believe
I don’t ever wanna believe yeah
That when we die
That we all leave
I realize the song is highly relational. He's wishing that death would not separate love - obvious by the lines:
I don’t ever wanna let go
I hope that you see yeah
That there’s a part of you that’s left inside of me
But the chorus is a haunting reminder to me that many people out there are running around with their heads cut off as if to say, "I don't want to believe that when we die we all leave."

Finding the Hook
However, we know the truth - that when we die - we all do leave. We also understand the eternal ramifications of that statement. So how do we tell them this without scaring them? How do we let them know that there is amazingly good news among the bad? Granger Community Church you do it like this:

Sex For Sale
In keeping with the topics that people are talking about, the next series will be on sex.

There probably isn't an easier series to invite people to and an easier topic to sit through than a sex series. It affects every person in the world - regardless what their spiritual persuasion.

And the cool thing about the sex series...

Once they're here - they'll hear about Jesus.

And just maybe, instead of leaving the service singing, "I don't wanna believe..." They'll be singing, "I might wanna believe..."