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06 March 2009

I'll Show You Mine...

I was looking at my Quick Launch bar the other day and thought, "How cool would it be to see how other people lay out their Quick Launch bars?"


I don't know...maybe because it says something about a person. A person's desktop is less interesting to me because it's typically just cluttered up with shortcuts to programs and documents.

The Vista Sidebar isn't of much interest either because there is typically a clock, the date, a system analyzer and some goofy gadget that guesses your weight...

However, the Quick Launch bar is typically scaled back and can be a direct reflection of a person's abilities, work habits and interests.

Disclaimer: I'm not a regular Mac user so I'm not sure how this translates...

So Here Is My Quick Launch Bar (moving from bottom to top):

  • Desktop
  • Vista Window Manager
  • VPN access to work server
  • External Hard Drive (used to back up personal files)
  • Excel File (password protected: List of all my passwords for work and personal use).
  • SyncToy 2.0 (excellent free tool for syncing folders on computer or even to external sources).
  • Outlook 07
  • Windows Live Messenger (love the new look)
  • Blu (sweet Twitter client)
  • IE7 (can't wait for IE8 - even though I rarely ever use IE anymore)
  • Firefox 3 (my default browser - with the FoxMarks extension I can keep faves synced across all computers)
  • Safari 4 (cool looking - just not using it much)
  • Zune (sweetness pure and simple - subscription plan is the only way to go)
  • Windows Media Player (how did that get in there? I need to delete that since Zune handles all that stuff for me...)
  • (next six) My most used CS4 Apps (Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash and the Flask media encoder are my core)
  • Work files (located in My Documents and synced with the server for backup purposes)
  • Personal files (outside My Documents - synced with my external hard drive for backup purposes)
  • Recycle Bin (for easy disposal of my trash :)
OK - Your turn - show me yours...