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21 February 2009

Make Every Change Count

In technology, if you aren't improving your product or creating something new, you are destined to fail (or at least be passed up).

Because of this, companies are always working on version 2.0 - looking to one-up the competition with something new and innovative. They search out cutting edge technologies rather than using what exists.

So any time a company puts something out that seems to lack originality or fails to harness new technology, people notice.

Enter Windows Mobile 6.5...

Now to be honest, I've never touched this OS and haven't even seen it operate. But I trust my good friends over at Engadget. They've seen it all and have a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn't in the tech world.

So when they posted, Ten Reasons Why Windows Mobile 6.5 Misses the Mark, I took notice.

You can read the ten things if you want, but it was the tenth one that made me sad. Not because it's Microsoft. I'd feel this way if this was said of anyone for any reason:

10: It doesn't innovate in any way. More than anything else, however, the main reason I'm disappointed with the new Windows Mobile doesn't have to do with features, lack of features, or UI design. It has to do with what 6.5 shows of Microsoft. Instead of stepping up to the plate and trying to do anything daring, new, or even remotely innovative, the company has shrunk from taking chances and delivered a new phone OS that's not simply more of the same, but more of the same dressed up to look like something new.

In Summary
Don't ever let it be said that you are stagnant, boring or more of the same. Always be working on the next big thing. Always be thinking outside the box. Always innovate.