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05 February 2009

Less Clutter. Less Noise.

For many of you out there, Less Clutter. Less Noise. is nothing more than a cool new book on how to communicate successfully in today's climate. But for us (at Granger Community Church) it isn't just a book - it is our standard operating procedure.

Less Clutter. Less Noise. is the strategy we employ regarding the majority of things we do in our department - from print pieces to web sites.

So how did it start? Well, a few years ago Kem Meyer was asked to join the team at Granger to build a website. She came in, did a quick assessment and instead of building a website, set up the communication strategy that would help guide the church into a future of bigger and better things.

As Web Director at the church I am deeply in her debt. It's like getting a job as a contractor. You drive to the work site and find the foundation already poured and the materials sitting there waiting for you. Sure there is a lot to do to finish off the house, but you are light years ahead of guy still drawing up his blue prints.

I can't tell you how great it is to work inside the framework that is Less Clutter. Less Noise. There is a freedom to do the next big thing without the baggage and entanglements a traditional church website would face.

Thanks Kem for all you do for us. May your book make it to everyone that so desperately needs to hear its message.