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03 January 2009

"Textology" by Jarbyco

This weekend we're getting to put Jarbyco through its paces.

If Jarbyco sounds familiar to you it might be because we used it during Innovate08 to allow voting by text during the Film Festival.

Since then we've found a variety of ways to use the texting service. But this is probably our most visible use.

Create a weekend service where the audience can participate by texting in questions they want immediately addressed by the speaking pastor (Mark Beeson in this case). Obviously all questions won't be answered, but they will still scroll on the screen (if appropriate) so the interactivity is there. A couple random questions are chosen for the audience to pick from. Once the question is picked the speaking pastor answers the question and then the process starts over with another round of questions to choose from.

Jarbyco Text to Screen. As people enter the auditorium and as the service progresses people can text in questions that go to the big screen. A flash interface not only gives the instructions but also cycles through the questions with nice text effects.

You can also set up an auto response text so the person knows their submission went through.

Here we go...

More details on how it went on the other side...