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24 January 2009

Meet Guido

Guido (as I call him) is a male Cardinal that likes to hang out in the trees outside my window at work.

For the past few months I've been taking the camera to work but until now most of the pictures were not worth posting. It has either been too dark outside (gloomy) or they have been too far away with numerous branches between them and me.

But this one looked good enough to put out there. A little Photoshop work to make the background black and white and we're good to go.

I learned something from Guido and his friends the other day:

You always have to be on the lookout for danger.
Now most birds are skittish around humans, but I'm talking hawks - BIG hawks. The other day one of Guido's not-so-fortunate friends became lunch for the hawk. Not a pretty picture and yet this is the sad reality about the world in which we live.


There are really mean people in the world - and those are just the ones we run into. Throw in Satan and his minions and the hawk starts to look pretty tame.

Stay strong Guido and always be on guard!