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03 January 2009

"Textology" by Jarbyco (Update)

First service down. Heading into the second. Things running smoothly.

What a cool way to get people involved.

How does it work?

  • People allowed to text questions before and during service.
  • All (approved) texts displayed on screen during intro so people make the connection that the texts are being received in real time. An online flash movie is displayed on the large screen to display the questions and transition nicely between them (Text to Screen feature).
  • Out of all entries random ones are picked and three at a time are "approved" for display on the screen. As these go by, the speaking pastor (Mark Beeson in this case) asks for the audience to pick the question they want by clapping for it. Once chosen the Spyder operator "freezes" the main screen on that question (online flash movie doesn't stop).
  • The speaking pastor then answers the question while the "approved" questions are scrapped for the next three.
  • This continues until there is no time left in the message portion of the service.
Looking into a similar application for your church or business? If so, check out Jarbyco. They are a successful startup with awesome customer service and a highly versatile product.