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16 January 2009

I'm "Pre"paring for It's Arrival

All I've heard for the past year is, "When are you going to get the iPhone?" And can I just say it's getting obnoxious?

I've said it before - I love the iPhone and think it's a great product. I just can't help but think that at some point another company will get their #*$&$ together and create something that will give people options.

If you're a Mac person - the iPhone makes perfect sense. If iTunes is your music App of choice - the iPhone makes perfect sense.

But for me, a Zune Phone makes perfect sense. I bought a Zune the first week they were available and I love everything about it - from the UI to the subscription option with the Zune Marketplace.

Create me a phone that does all that in one and I would buy it in a heartbeat. But no such luck...yet...

My other issue is that I'm a Sprint customer (happily) and can't imagine spending almost twice as much for my service in order to switch to AT&T (for the iPhone).

So I was more than interested when Sprint announced the Palm Pre was coming. I've never been a huge fan of Palm products. In fact back in the day when Palm Pilots were such a big thing I ended up buying a Dell Axim with Windows Mobile. But Palm has been able to hold their own just like Blackberry for a good long time.

Unfortunately all I've been able to do is look and read about the Pre. Engadget has numerous articles about the phone and its revolutionary features (good one here). But I can't wait to actually hold one and see what all the fuss is about. This typically seals the deal for me. I can think something is awesome, but then pick it up and immediately change my mind if it isn't made well. My hope is that when I pick it up my preconceptions and my first impression match.

We'll see...