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19 November 2008

Service Matters

In the past few months I have had many negative experiences with companies that seem to have lost their understanding of what customer service is all about.

From cable companies to insurance companies to online companies that hide behind "cyber-walls" expecting that their behavior won't be called into question or challenged legally.

But then there are companies and employees that challenge this negative trend.

I posted about recently and I'm happy to say that my wife and I had a similar experience at The Cheesecake Factory this week.

As we were enjoying our cheesecake, a waitress walked by with half a sandwich on a small plate. She stopped at the booth directly behind me and said:

I couldn't help but notice the smile on your face as you ate the sandwich you ordered so I made you another half. Hope you like it!

In this day and age its nice to see that some companies (people) still understand what really matters in business - serving others well...