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20 October 2008

Way to Go...Daddy

I have to brag a bit on as a company. Not because of Danica Patrick and definitely not because I want to somehow suggest that our morals and values are in sync. In fact there are some commercials and ads that just shouldn't be made...

But over time I have moved all of my personal domain names and those that the church has purchased into one place so they are easy to maintain and set up payments schedules for.

I can't tell you that is the cheapest place out there. And I'm not sure how their domain management stacks up to other companies. But its what happened today that has me sold.

I needed to switch my domain from my blog to my website (more in the next post) and quickly realized I was a bit rusty on how to switch it from the forwarding setup I needed for Blogger to actually changing name servers and setting up an alias site on my current hosting solution (

I called support since the help docs were just making me more confused. I was on hold for less than 5 minutes when an extremely helpful representative answered the phone and walked me through the entire thing.

I know what you're thinking, "That's their job dude - why wouldn't it work that way?"

To a certain extent this is true. But she went above and beyond. Not only did she help me with the correct setup in the domain manager, but she also walked me through setting up an alias domain on my hosting companies site!

I mean this is the competition! And yet she helped me set up the alias domain - thereby creating a completely separate site under my current hosting package and then helped me point my GoDaddy domain at it correctly.

Its the sort of customer service that you dream of and yet don't find these days.

After being on the phone for hours with Comcast or your Insurance Company you just start thinking that poor customer support is the norm.

Hat's off to a company that really wants their customers to be happy. I recommend you check them out if you're in the market for a new domain.