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20 October 2008

Redefining WebDrivenChurch

Previous Reality
For years now has been one thing and one thing alone - my blog. Its where I post about my job, technology, freelance projects, gadgets, etc.

And up until now it has served its purpose. But there's always been part of me that wanted more than a blog. I mean I design websites...why wouldn't I want my own website rather than subjecting myself to the limitations of a blog?

New Reality
Then things changed for the better. An increase in freelance projects gave me a good reason to make the switch from blog to full website. I added the portfolio section since it was my reason for the switch, but in the process I got to have some creative fun and added a page for some of my amateur photography.

Don't worry, the blog (that you're reading right now) still exists and won't be ending any time soon. If you subscribe by RSS on any page of the website you're really subscribing to this blog.

The "blog" page on the website provides short post intros which then link back to this blog - which still lives on the Blogger servers. I think I assumed at some point that I'd leave Blogger, but they just keep getting better with more and more features - all for free! So I did a little cosmetic work to make it match the website and called it a day.

Future Reality
I have other ideas for the website, but we'll let it start slow.