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06 November 2008

Twitter: Life Enhancement

I began using Twitter this year. In fact it was the day I left for SXSW in Austin, TX. I figured it was the perfect test to see if it was helpful or not. While on the trip I could tweet about what I was doing and keep the peeps at home up to date on the cool stuff I was learning.

Since then I have had moments where I was ready to give it all up. Only to realize that it wasn't Twitter's fault. I was simply following too many people. After knocking it from over 100 down to a comfortable 35 things have been awesome.


Well one of the BIGGEST reasons is this:

Twitter transcends typical communication patterns - taking you from 'limited communication' to 'ongoing' or 'continual communication.'
In the past we were limited in our ability to maintain ongoing relationships. Long ago you had to be in the same physical location in order to talk to someone. Then with the advent of the 'corded' phone, two people could be in different places (as long as it was by a phone) and talk to each other. Next, mobile phones allowed us to be more places at more times and talk to each other. Add texting and we can communicate in small snippets with other people very quickly and easily.

But with Twitter, you can update a group of people (those following you) at any time from anywhere (as long as you have a wireless or cell signal) and have people respond to you instantly.

This continual communication is HUGE when you think about it. Talk about doing life with people on a whole new level. Instead of hanging out with someone once a week and getting caught up on their life, you can literally experience each others lives as they unfold.

Now this could get very creepy - so please use some restraint.

I'm just saying - this technology makes it possible for organic beings to communicate and remain connected in ways once thought only possible for machines.

Look how far we've come.