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14 November 2008

Love Like They'll Be Gone Tomorrow

I ended up watching ER last night after having stopped for a good long time. But I'm glad I did because every once and a while it is good for me to be forced to think about death.

Over time I tend to put stuff like that on the back burner because it isn't fun to think about.

The problem for me is this:

The farther away I keep the concept of death, the easier it is for me to treat people poorly.
Not 'poorly' as in not loving them. Just not loving them well. It's easier to fall into traps like taking people for granted, choosing not to engage them in conversation, allowing your busy life to become an emotional barrier, etc.

Then factor in that the death on ER was a 5 year old child, and it takes on even more significance.

How many times have I said, "Just a minute." "I'm a little busy right now." "Stop asking me so many questions."

I need to be jolted back into the reality that every day we get with our kids is a gift. Which means every little experience and every little moment with them should be something to enjoy, not get irritated about.

Tucking my kids in before we went to bed last night was a fairly emotional experience for me. And rightfully so...

I'm learning to love like they'll be gone tomorrow.