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23 February 2010

I'm Definitely Surprised With JS-Kit Plugin

I'm typically NOT a fan of third party plugins that are pasted directly into your website with little customization. But this week we installed one that has changed my mind and made me reconsider my position.

The Need
A way for parents to exchange ideas and information on parenting. We thought through the use of Facebook, Forums and other online message boards, but decided against it for a variety of reasons.

The next thought was to generate a commenting component from scratch on our website (time intensive and never looks as good as what people are used to using).

So we landed on trying to find a plugin that would do comments well. And we did (hat tip to Keith at

The Solution
We embedded the code for Echo Commenting by and were impressed with how easy and professional it is.

Here is the page we installed it on: GCC Parent Exchange

The perks: Integrates social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Has an easy to use online comment moderation area. Filters for inappropriate language. Pagination. Etc.

Pretty sweet if you ask me.

I guess my thoughts have changed a bit on plug and play...