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08 February 2010

Do You Wireframe?

Anyone out there use wireframing consistently in the design process?

I don't - probably because my side jobs have been pretty small and possibly because I do what could be considered verbal wireframing with the client as we discuss what the site needs to do and how it could be laid out.

I typically sketch out my ideas as we talk and then use those sketches as I translate the ideas into mockups.

However, I love the concept of wireframing for a number of reasons:
  • It allows you to see structure without the design cluttering things up.
  • It keeps everyone on the same page.
  • It can save time because the client won't be surprised as often by designs that seem opposite of their expectations.
  • It helps you have the difficult conversations about information architecture and scaling back on content.
I might just look into this for future projects. But for those of you that are wireframing and looking for better resources, look no further.