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30 July 2007

We All Love the Video...

In the past few years granger has really begun to excel in the area of media creation. These videos are shown during weekend and midweek services and usually wind up in the Media Player on

The cool news is that many of these are being made available on as DVD Resources.

When you order one of these DVDs (with the exception of some of the older ones) you get two things:

  • The DVD itself can be played in your typical DVD player.
  • The data file: typically an H.264 compressed QuickTime Movie (.mov). Simply put the DVD into your computer and on the "My Computer" screen right-click on the DVD link and select "explore." This allows you to look at the files on the DVD. There will be two folders that make up the DVD itself (one for audio and one for video) and then should be a folder for the original data file.

I love the fact that these are now available because, "We all love the video..."

These are my favorites so far: