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11 July 2007

Streaming in the Media Player

GCCwired Media PlayerThe media player is a big part of the site because it's a visual representation of what takes place at the church on any given weekend. To give you an idea how often it is used I looked at the total number of videos watched since July 3, 2007 and here is what I found:

Over the last 8 days there have been 4,230 videos started in the media player - an average of over 400 views per day. I'm pretty sure we're not going to touch YouTube, but it seems like a pretty big number to me.

For those interested:

The player was designed to play flash video clips 5-10 minutes in length (360x270) in the progressive download format. But recently our web developers added the ability to do streaming video through the player as well which is huge! Now we are able to stream video clips of any length and at twice the size (640x360) of the progressive download clips.

The other cool feature with the streaming video is that it can be viewed in three formats:

  • 1x (which is actually 50% for our streaming video)
  • 2x (which is actually 100% for our streaming video)
  • Full screen (only available with streaming video)

So how do I know what type of video I'm watching?

Interface for progressive downloads

This is the interface you see for traditional progressive download videos.

Interface for streaming video

This is the interface you see for streaming videos.

Look around and see if you can find a video that is being streamed. Then check out the full screen (FS) option and see if it doesn't rock your world. We tried it last night on a large flat panel LCD TV and from across the room it looked almost as good as HD television.

[If you're having a hard time finding one just go here]

Isn't technology wonderful?