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19 April 2007

The Outlook is Bright

There's just something inspiring about new technology. I mean, the current stuff is good and it works well. But when you get to taste the new stuff - there's no turning back.

This week a few things happened that gave me this experience.

  1. I went out and switched cell phone providers so my wife could have my "old" phone (Motorola i870). She needed a bluetooth enabled phone so the simple (and inexpensive)thing to do was for me to switch to a company that has awesome phones for under $100.00 so she didn't have to spend $300.00 to upgrade hers (those of you that know anything about cellphone companies just figured out which provider she has...). I switched to the Moto Q and so far I love it. Very similar feel to my Dell Axim PPC with Windows Mobile - just without the stylus. I haven't signed up for the data plan but look forward to being connected via the exchange server for email synchronization.
  2. Then I was honored to receive my new desktop - complete with Windows Vista. Again, all you have to do is play with Vista in Best Buy a few times and you'll be hooked. The look and feel is so different than XP. Window movement and basic navigation is refined and typical tasks are much more straight forward with better documentation and hints.

Just two small upgrades in technology, but what a difference it makes. I love getting to experience the cutting edge of technology.

Next up on my gadget list:

Isn't it a great time to be alive?