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26 April 2007

The Office is Quiet

...except for the little hamster in the cubicle at the end of the hall...

A chunk of our team is out of the office this week putting on Regional Workshops for - so things have been quiet. Except for the fact that things still need to get done - even with people gone! Which just reinforces the fact that each spoke in the wheel is important - or the wheel stops spinning...

I thought I would take this opportunity to brag on our Communications Specialist - Lisa DeSelm. In her absence I have learned all over again just how important it is to have someone like her on your team. She juggles a myriad of tasks weekly with a speed and accuracy that boggles the mind. She is fluent in a variety of software programs, admin panels and online aps in order to oversee web maintenance, maintain products in the online store, produce our two weekly enewsletters, do graphic/print design and a variety of other (not-so-desirable) tasks.

This coupled with her infectious smile and great customer service skills makes her indispensable.

Do you have someone like this on your team? If not, don't ask for Lisa - she's ours!