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29 April 2007

Adobe CS3 | Web Premium has arrived. Adobe Creative Suite 3 (web premium version) came on Friday and I've been loading it up and giving it the once-over this weekend. Obviously I can't give you a detailed product review since I haven't even used it yet in the line of duty...

I am officially over the bitterness and resentment I felt when Adobe and Macromedia joined forces. For years I was a loyal user/advocate of Macromedia products only to see them join the competition and eventually even give up the Macromedia name. It just doesn't seem right to offer the "Adobe Flash Player" download on the Adobe home page.

But no one can argue that these products are the best around. And I'm hopeful. Hopeful that the best of each was preserved and that they will work even better in concert.

I'm looking forward to testing the integration between things like Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia (I mean Adobe) Flash. Can I design a layered image in Photoshop and pull it directly into Flash as layers in the timeline to bring a static graphic to life?

We shall see - all in good time. I'll give it a few months and then get back with you for a more detailed review of CS3.