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25 March 2010

Reality Bites!

I've come to the sad realization that life is short and opportunities will NOT always be there for you.

I grew up with hockey as far back as I can remember. From having various family members either play or coach in the NHL to skating on ponds and frozen tennis courts - it's always been there.

I used to watch it and play it religiously. Then I got married, had kids, began the career and it all stopped. Until recently...

It started back up when my son (age 5) entered a "Learn to Skate" program and I was again faced with the realization that hockey can be as foundational to your life as your religion, ethnicity or political views.

So here's the problem: No matter how much I love the game and want to start playing again, I no longer have the guarantee that it's even possible. My back problems come and go whenever they want, so one minute I feel like taking on the world and the next I'm trying to figure out how to tie my shoes without pain. Go figure - what was once viewed as fun and exciting with limitless potential is now partially unattainable.

My plan: However, I think my frustration with the whole thing might just be the thing to make it a reality. I'm going to try and play this summer no matter how I'm feeling. If I need to do back exercises daily or work out more than normal to keep up - that's what I'll do.

Wish me luck and maybe I'll report "back" on it at some point...