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25 March 2010

Controversy Theory: Resurrection

Prior to becoming a web geek - I went to school for and worked as a therapist in the mental health field. It was both rewarding and stressful at the same time. But it was definitely a part of my life that helped mold me and make me a better person.

During that time I was plagued with questions about counseling, treatment modalities, spirituality, God versus Satan, our problems, diagnoses, the human condition, secular humanism, pop psychology, the self help movement and how all of these meshed together.

Eventually I began making headway and decided to write down some of the answers I was finding to these questions.

Long story short: I ended up with a fairly large manuscript titled Controversy Theory that I assumed would become a book.

Long story even shorter: It didn't become a book. Instead it has sat collecting dust on my hard drive since 2001.

So the other day I decided to dust off the files, create a blog and start dumping small doses of it out there for people to react to.

Many of you will click the link, look it over and never return. I feel ya...

But there may be a few of you that resonate with it. If so, subscribe to the rss feed and join me on the journey. It'll almost be like getting a book for free :)

Whatever the case - thanks for indulging me in this little experiment...