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06 January 2010

I Officially Made the Switch

Joshua Topolsky recently Tweeted:

"By the way, world. Please download Chrome or Safari and start using it. You're kidding yourself if you're sticking with IE or Firefox."

To which I replied:

"@joshuatopolsky Don't worry...I'll switch to Chrome once it offers the same dev tools Firefox has. Prob won't be long now..."

But later that day I thought about it and wondered how busy those Chrome developers had been over the last few months. So I installed the newer "beta" version of Chrome (required in order to install extensions) and began looking for developer extensions to match those offered by Firefox.

And amazingly there they were. Down to the color picker extension which I use non-stop.

So it's official - today is the day to make the move. I removed my Firefox icon from my toolbar and the shiny new Chrome icon has taken its place.

Main reasons for the switch: Speed and simplicity...