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16 December 2009

I've Got Your Back

I've been in a number of meetings with my boss Kem Meyer over the past few weeks and for some reason we keep coming back to this concept:

Do we have each others backs?
I love the word picture created when you think of it in terms of an older brother sticking up for his little sister, or a wingman protecting the lead jet. In both scenarios the one being protected is weak in some way. The little sister just because of her age and size and the lead jet because of blind spots and limited firepower.

Similarly, we all have weaknesses and blind spots. If you question this, your blind spot is most likely pride and arrogance.

This is why "team" is so powerful. At Granger, we often hear the phrase:
The team outperforms the individual every time.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do we "have the backs" of those on our immediate teams? For me that's the Communications and Tech Ops teams.
  • Do we "have the backs" of those on the greater team? For me this would include the staff members from every department at the church.
  • Do we "have the backs" of those serving along side us? For me this refers to volunteers on our teams and those serving in every other area of the church.
Big questions. But necessary for growth, progress and success.