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23 April 2009

I Cheat - Do You?

I'll be the first to admit that I'm NOT a hardcore coder. In fact, I went to school to become a psychotherapist and assumed that was my profession because it's what I did.

Web design was just a hobby like chess. I bought Macromedia Flash 5 bundled with Freehand 9 and taught myself how to create rich media for the web. My next step was to purchase Dreamweaver and Fireworks as a bundle. I then learned html and this little thing called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which has rocked my world. From there I never looked back. I began volunteering at the church and was eventually hired to do this stuff full time. I love my job!

Over time I have been successful at plugging in simple javascript or php elements as long as the person creating them did a good job and documented the implementation well. But that is as far as my coding skills have progressed. With my responsibilities the way they are there isn't time or a need for me to drop hours at a time on learning to code.

So if there is one thing that has helped me muddle through with coding it's cheat sheets. I've found them invaluable for quick reference when designing/developing and getting stuck over some simple syntax error.

Web Design Ledger has pulled together some of the main ones in their article: 18 Seriously Helpful Cheat Sheets for Easier Coding.

Hope you find them as useful as I do :)