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13 January 2008

How Do You Do It?

The Set Up: My kids were getting ready for bed tonight. You know, the typical brushing of the teeth and going potty, when I overheard two of them having issues. My middle daughter (age 5) was getting ready to use the potty when my son (age 3) jumped in front of her. Because of this she stomped off with a fake crying fit about being slighted.

The Response: My oldest daughter (age 7) remarked to her sister, "You don't have to stomp off like that every time you don't get your way." To which my middle daughter replied:

That's just what I do.
Bringing It Full Circle: So the question is, "How do you do it?" When you're having a bad day - what does it look like to others? When things aren't going your way - what are your coping skills?

Take It Up a Notch: Or, to take it up a level, apply it to what you and I do for a living. If someone questions our motives or points to something we're doing as less than excellent, how do we respond? Do we say, "That's just what we do?"

Or do we stop and think about it? Look at our processes and deliverables? Find a new angle and implement changes? If so, these alterations could keep us from just running status quo. They could allow for innovation. They could increase the effectiveness of our "product."

I'm trying to move away from, "That's just what we do." And try something like, "I'm keeping my eyes open for a better way to do it."