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11 January 2008

The First Full Week Back

I took a week off during the Christmas season and really let go. Call it 'going dark' 'checking out' or just 'taking a break.' Whatever it was, it felt good. I rested, played and got refreshed in order to come back for another long run of ministry.

What I didn't expect was the brain switching gears. This week it actually took me a while to regroup and remember what I was doing. I had to go back over numerous sticky notes, lists and emails in order to pull it all together, reorganize and prioritize.

This coupled with a few hot projects made for an interesting week.

We also experienced a glitch in the universe. A ripple in the matrix if you will. We experienced roadblocks, technical problems and unexpected occurrences that made us wonder if the planets were lining up for a cataclysmic event.

But it's over. The week is done. And for all the craziness - it was a good week. We got a lot done and I can't wait to see what happens next week.