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02 December 2007

Our Battle is Screen Time

Lest we forget. Being part of a communications team at a church is NOT your typical 9 to 5. We don't just oversee communication strategy, keep the website running, create eye catching print pieces, etc.

We're knee deep in the battle. You know, the one between good and evil? This struggle that has been raging between God and Satan since our world began?

Our role in this battle is to promote a "product" if you will, developed by the "good" side. And its so much more than a Nike employee trying to communicate to the world that their product is better than a competitors product. I mean a shoe is a shoe. But when people's lives are at stake...

So when I run across websites like divorce360 I recognize our opponents handiwork work for what it is - an intentional battle strategy - meant to lure people to the side of "evil." And I again dig in for the battle. A renewed passion. A renewed vision.

In our line of work (specifically web development at a church) its all about Screen Time. With all the negative stuff out there we need to do everything in our power to offer the "good" alternative. To let people know there is hope. And to help people find the Truth amidst so many lies online.

Like I said, "Not your typical 9 to 5."