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07 December 2007

Do You Have an Anal Retentive Chef?

Watch SNL Video Clip on JibJabBack in the glory days of SNL there was a skit called the Anal Retentive Chef. Idea being, the chef was so obsessive compulsive that he couldn't get the recipe completed. And while we laughed and poked fun at this guy, some of us (me included) also resonated with his attention to detail.

Now don't get me wrong, too much attention to detail is detrimental and typically ends in a failure to deliver.
But if there is no one on your team that's a little OCD (perfectionistic, pays attention to detail, rigid, anal retentive, etc.) there is no way you'll deliver with excellence.
Our department is "teaming" with such individuals. But we recently hired someone whose attention to detail has taken us to the next level. I'm not going to tell you her name (it rhymes with Sheena Diller) otherwise you might try to steal her.

From the moment she came on staff our quality control process has been revamped and our sites are running smoother and cleaner than ever before. Its fun to see her question the current reality, test the processes and suggest that things be changed for the good of the end user.

Do you have someone on your team like this? If not, start looking.

Thanks for all you do Jeanna...