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04 November 2007

I Was Green First

Green is UniversalJust for the record: I was green first. In fact I've been green since August 2006 :)

On a serious note - My choice of green was obviously not for the same reason. I just thought it looked good. But NBC has gone all out for this. They call it the Green is Universal campaign - empowering people around the globe to live "greener" lives.

Of course as a web guy it's the site that caught my attention. The entire thing is now green! Not just the peacock like on TV but everything from fonts to background colors to background graphics and flash treatments (love the flash animation they added to the NBC logo by the way...).

Makes me wonder how many man hours went into the change. Most sites nowadays have an external style sheet (siteStyles.css for example) that can literally transform the entire website in an instant. Just go check out csszengarden if you don't believe me. But on top of this change there had to be graphic and flash design along with full site quality control efforts to make sure the full color change worked well and didn't leave some obscure page looking strange or broken.

Kudos to NBC on both the green site and the effort to keep our planet healthy.